Forgive, forgive, forgive – the ultimate gift of all.

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blog,

Recently I saw a post by the wonderful Caroline Myss. And as is often the case  - it landed in my world at the most poignant and perfect time.

A time when certain life events were throwing me curve balls and challenges I had not quite anticipated – as we all often are.

But this quote – these timely words of wisdom –  have allowed me to find my way through my latest challenges in a way that I can be at peace with.

Without condemnation or retribution or unkind thoughts for what is going on around me.

So today – without any further ado – I simply wish to share this wisdom.

It does not require any illuminating discourse from me – it sits simply and beautifully on its own and encapsulates so much in so few words. Read More

The Freedom Trail – an exploration of love!

Welcome everyone back to the blog,

It would be fair to say that in recent years my life has become a study of LOVE.

How we all give love and how we all receive it.

How we welcome it and how we block it.

How we fear it and crave it and shut it down.

I sometimes feel that The Universe decided rather suddenly to open my eyes to a whole new world and send me on a crash course without my knowledge or consent.

And this course could be called : LOVE 101!

It seems that prior to this I was a little cut off.

A little blocked.

A little shut off.

And the experiences have come thick and fast over the past few years. In so many ways – romantic and otherwise.

How I receive love, how I give love, what love means to me and how the people around me both give and receive love – both romantic and otherwise –  have come into sharp focus in so many ways.

And whilst you may think that this has left me ” judging the behaviour ” of those around me – the opposite is in fact true……

This new way of looking at my ” loving interactions” with the world around me has left me releasing judgement of everyone around me……

And a certain element of peace seems to have come over me. Read More

I think I’ll just be happy today.

Hello everyone and welcome back,

It is strange where we sometimes find inspiration –  and for me my latest revelation came while looking in a gift shop in the airport in Seville, Spain.

Quietly wandering through the aisles, wasting time as you do when waiting to board a flight. Aimlessly looking for nothing and everything.

And then I saw it.

A little fridge magnet that changed my mindset in a moment.

A little piece of JOY sitting on the shelf.

This is what I saw:

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Peace for our Planet – only when……

Hello to all and welcome to the blog,

In my recent travels I found myself unable to sleep one evening and as I sat in the darkness a thought came over me.

A thought that struck me as so very true.

A thought that struck me as the ultimate truth.

A thought that I am sure has struck many other writers, thinkers, philosophers, teachers, humanitarians and people of all walks of life in the past.

A thought that we as a community of people – a global community of people –  need to action if we are to see peace come to us all in our lifetimes.

So what was this thought that kept me up for hours pondering life here on Planet Earth ?

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Date night with You and the little voice within.

Hello to all and welcome back to the blog,

So often I hear people telling me about all the time they have put aside for others. Times scheduled doing and accomplishing a myriad of things.

Date night with their spouse.

Sporting games with their children.

Travel with their friends.

Dinner with the relatives.

Movies with their cousin.

Volunteering at the school fair.

The list goes on and on and on…….

But not often do I hear people tell me about the times they have set aside for themselves.

Time just for them.

Or rather – time just for you!

So today I want to ask you the question: when was the last time you scheduled in time just for you?

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The Ultimate Display of Foresight from The Benevolent Universe!

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog,

Today’s blog is short and sweet, as I just wanted to share with you all a thought that crossed my mind the other day.

It seems that we are often worried about all the things that do not come to pass as we plan in our lives. But what if those very rejections are actually The Universe protecting us from ourselves?

What if The Universe knows that it is best –  if you do not go down a particular road?

What if The Universe knows that it is best –  if you do not get a particular job?

What if The Universe knows that it is best –  if you do not end up with a particular person in your life?

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Life’s a party – so what did you bring?

A huge hello to all and welcome back to the blog here at ABTY,

Today I have a simple question for you to answer and reflect upon:

If life is a party and you are a guest – what exactly have you brought to this party?

A simple question – yes.

But the answer you give will tell you a lot about yourself.

And as with many of my blogs, the answers you give may or may not be reflective of what you really want those answers to be.

And therein lies the opportunity to build a little more of that ” Bridge To You” by discovering exactly what sort of Party Guest you truly wish to be. Read More


Hello to all and welcome to the blog,

Recently I have been re reading some Louise Hay books and they have re-affirmed my belief in the power of affirmations.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with affirmations, this is simply the art of self talk or rather the art of ” affirming ” something in your mind.

To this end – it is really important that what you are affirming in your mind, on a daily basis, is in line with where you want to be in your life and how you wish to be perceived –  by not only those around you – but more importantly by yourself.

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The Snowball of Gratitude!

Good morning to all and welcome back,

This morning I simply have one question for you:

Have you ever rolled a snowball down a hill?

Have you ever set a chain of events in motion and watched it take off – as if it had a life of its own?

Have you ever started a project and realised that once started there was no turning back?

Well if you answered YES to any of those questions, I would like you to apply that same principle to the act of Gratitude!

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Serendipity – it’s just so serendipitous!

A good morning to all and welcome back to the blog,

Today I just wanted to share with you all a wonderful, inspiring and thought provoking definition that shone down upon me from a billboard recently, as I was travelling in a taxi from a hotel to an airport. A journey I invariably seem to find myself doing quite often.

On this particular morning the billboard really struck me as I assessed my own life experience and suddenly found myself realising just how many things in my life have actually been ” serendipitous”!

Not planned.

Not sought after.

Not even imagined.

But yet they popped into my life unannounced and became present in the very fabric of my life experience. Bringing with them a host of new perspectives and life experiences.

And as it happens, often times these serendipitous moments, seem to be the ones I treasure the most.

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