Respond – React – Review and Realign…..a simple path to Healing.

Hello to everyone and welcome to the blog,

I have recently been re-reading a wonderful book by Melody Beattie called ” Journey to the Heart”. A wonderful collection of thoughts or ideas to reflect upon each day. I tend to simply open the page to wherever I am guided to be, read that page and take from it what I am meant to take in that moment.

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Our Lessons for our children are our lessons for us too!

Hello and welcome back to ABTY,

Today I simply want to share a little quote with you all that I saw recently.

Sometimes inspiration comes in a little quote like this and really means something on a deeper level – and this, for me , was one of those quotes.

I guess because I have always been a teacher – this quote hit me, as it was talking about what we should teach our children. And this got me thinking. When I read it I immediately thought:

” Why is it that so often we apply certain standards to our children, our students and our youth and yet we are reticent, or even oblivious to applying the same standards to ourselves as adults?”

The quote on the next page is one of those quotes, that to me, is all about these standards.

So full of wisdom indeed!

But let us, as adults, apply its philosophy to ourselves and not just to the next generation.

I invite you to take out the phrase ” teach them” each time it is repeated and change it to ” teach yourself”.  I invite you to apply the entire message to You!

If we could all do this, then we would indeed see a huge change in our world!

Enjoy :-)

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Observation 101 – The Observation of Self…. and that means You!

Well hello there and welcome back to ABTY,

Today I am going to get straight to the point – and that point is the active betterment of your life experience.

The active betterment of how you exist in the world around you and all that you experience, as you  navigate and interact with everything around you.

For it seems to me that often times we are looking outwardly to improve our lives.

We are looking outwardly to improve how the world interacts with us – instead of looking at how we can change the way we interact with the world.

We are looking outwardly to figure out why things are not working in our lives – instead of looking at what is going on within ourselves that is blocking what we seek from entering our life.

The simple truth is that the only place to find any understanding at all about ourselves and how we exist within the context of our life and the world around us –  is to look inwardly.

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“Stay Open” – Some words of encouragement from Iyanla Vanzant!

Hello to all and welcome back to ABTY,

As I continue on my own journey into a seeking of truth, justice, wisdom and joy in all I do. And in all I bring to the world. A few things have come to be inescapable realities to me.

It seems to me that we all need encouragement sometimes.

It seems to me that those who come before us tend to pass on the wisdom traditions and knowledge of those who came before them. A process that is carved into the passage of time.

And it seems to me that this pool of wisdom – these carvings –  are ancient and all knowing and that we are all pulling from the same truth, no matter where we look to find its comfort.

So today – I want to share with you some words of wisdom and encouragement attributed to the wonderful writer and mentor Iyanla Vanzant. Read More

Self Worth Versus Net Worth – a timeless dilemma!

Hello to all and welcome back to ABTY,

As I have said many times before – this blog is really a sharing of my own journey towards a full and joyful life. An invitation for you all – my readers – my fellow travellers – to come with me as I make my way through the myriad of complexities that face us in this modern world.

And the conundrum that has somehow just spilled onto the page is the question of:

Self Worth Versus Net Worth

I have heard this phrase thrown around many a time and I must admit that for me, it is one of the most challenging concepts facing me in my life. For no matter how much my sense of reason and my soul tell me that it is what I contribute to the world that matters, as opposed to how much I can earn – the need to earn more to justify my place in the world niggles at me daily regardless.

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Just what is the point – and all that jazz?

Hello to all and welcome back to ABTY,

In my quest to become a better person and add a little more love to the world I have started to wonder about my own actions, reactions and place in the world, which has seen me negotiate this rather big question:

How pointless is your point Christine?

By that I mean – when I find myself complaining about something or someone and making a fuss about something – I try to stop and ask myself three questions:

1.” Christine – is there really a point to what you are saying ?”

2. ” Does this really matter and why are you making such a fuss about it?”

3. ” What is really going on here?”

And sometimes the answers are quite surprising  - if not a little disappointing or disturbing to me ha ha.

So – let’s take a look at the answers:

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The Art of Giving to Grow!

Hello to all and welcome back to ABTY,

I recently re-read the wonderful book by Gary Zukav called ” Soul Stories”. And it provided me with so many ” ah -ha moments” as Oprah Winfrey would say.

As I have often heard many other writers say, it is amazing what you sometimes get from the re-reading of a certain book. Concepts and visions that were not overly obvious to you on the first read, suddenly leap out from the page and seem so very important. They simply demand your attention.

And even more incredibly – it is often quite serendipitous which books call to you from the shelf to be plucked from obscurity at a particular moment. That I was drawn to take this particular book back off my shelf and choose it as my companion whilst recently travelling for work, is a wonder to me.

And the lesson contained was profound. Not only in the message itself  - but also in the timing and delivery of this message.

So – what was this message that struck such a chord within? Read More

Storm-clouds or Rainbows? The choice is yours.

Hello to All and welcome to the blog,

I recently had the most unusual experience, that really got me thinking about the decisions we make on a daily basis. The little decisions that can turn our days swiftly in one direction or another. And it can be these tiny moments that really impact our days and experiences of life. So today – I wanted to share this one incredible experience with you.

It ends with me actually hugging a random stranger in the street – which for anyone who knows me is quite bizarre in the extreme, as I am known for being a seriously ” non hugging – back away from me type” ha ha ah ha. I am that weird person at any personal development seminar who turns to their partner when instructed to ” embrace the person next to them” and says : ” I am so sorry – but please do not touch me – I am not into being touched and really do not like strangers hugging or touching me – but I am happy to shake your hand”…….ha ha ha ha ha!

As you can imagine – in these situations – where everyone around me is leaping to recklessly hug the person beside them, with no thought at all for their personal body space, my inability to hug seems to attract much attention.

So with this prelude to my story – I shall continue….. Read More

It’s simply just a matter of trust!

Hello to all and welcome to the blog,

As is often the case, the blog I am now sitting here typing is not at all the blog I intended to write as I woke from my peaceful slumber this morning. In fact I had three other starters for this particular blog. But then as I sat down to write,  one line of a song came flooding into my mind and I decided to write about that.

It’s as if The Universe wanted to prove the point of the blog right here and now by wedging that one line of that famous Billy Joel song into my heart and soul.

“It’s simply just a matter of trust” 

So I am trusting that some of you out there reading this, really need to put your faith in The Universe right now too.

If you are  - then you can join me in standing by the precipice of life waiting to see where the winds of change take us. Read More

The healing power of tears

Well hello to all and welcome back,

In recent times I have found myself close to tears throughout my days. Every day really, in quite a relentless fashion.

Sometimes for no apparent reason at all – I just well up and the tears start flowing.

Drinking a coffee with a friend, driving to a work function, having a shower……I am just suddenly overwhelmed with grief and sadness.

Or I could be watching the television and suddenly something just sets me off and the tears come again. In fact there seems to be an enormous well that has suddenly appeared within my soul and I just need to get this emotion and feeling out.

I am not sure why this is – but what I do know, is that it is so very important to let this grief flow through me and back into The Universe.

What I do know is that it is not at all healthy to keep this sort of emotion and grief locked inside me and it is so important to give myself the space I need to grieve. Read More