Waging a war on yourself! The most fruitless battle of all!

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the blog,

If there is one thing I have come to realise over the past few years , it is how much time I have wasted ” waging a series of internal wars with myself”!

Why it has taken me so much time to reach this conclusion is an absolute mystery and most likely, just representative of the usual awakening we all experience through the passage of time. But nonetheless, it is slightly disquieting to realise the wastage that occurs within this war!

The wastage that occurs in all wars I guess.

But the ” internal war” seems to me to be the most outrageous.

The most fruitless.

The most futile.

The most inane.

As it is a war often waged for no real reason  - and it is self directed, self funded and  self orchestrated!

It sounds even more ridiculous the more I write! Read More

Be your own Super Hero and make decisions that count!

Hi Everyone and welcome to October’s Blog,

Lately I have really been marvelling at the most incredible ability that we all have within us.

An ability that is innate and simple and with us each and every day.

And most importantly I wonder if we all go through life not quite aware of this:

Our Greatest Super Power Ever!

Your Greatest Super Power Ever!

And I wonder if our ignorance –  or non-acknowledgement –  of this Super Power is what leads us, quite unnecessarily to a life of frustration? Read More

Blissing out at The Billabong – a restorative gift to you!

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the blog,

Well recently I decided to take a week out and give myself, a self imposed ” digital detox”! I just wanted to get away and feel disconnected from the constant “hub-bub” that is our modern lives.

The non-stop emails, texts, Instagrams, Facebook messages etc etc.

That constant bombardment from all angles, at all hours of the day and night was just becoming too much and I felt myself asking: ” Is this really all there is?”

This constant barrage of technology and faceless machinery!

And then I happened upon an advertisement for The Billabong Retreat!

As I read the advert I could hear harps playing, bluebirds fluttered overhead with the promise of my arrival and my focus suddenly became whimsical and full of unicorns and rainbows ha ah ha.

Could this place really only be a one hour drive from Sydney?

Could salvation really be that close at hand? Read More

The outsourcing of our humanity! An exploration of us!

Hi Everyone and welcome back to the blog,

Today I just want to explore with you, what I see as a worrying / interesting trend! And that is what I perceive as the ” outsourcing of our humanity”!

The outsourcing of common sense.

The outsourcing of critical thinking.

The outsourcing of an emotive / caring component to what is being said or done in work places and shops all over the globe.

The outsourcing of questioning the status quo.

Quite simply – the outsourcing of all the qualities that make us human in the first place. Read More

Let It Go! Let It Go! And Feel the Joy Flow!

Hello to all and welcome to the blog,

In recent times I have had a few very disturbing conversations with people, where the level of hatred and vitriol they feel for another person or situation has been on full and furious display!

To hear someone spew forth such hatred, with such determined unwillingness to forgive, is to me, quite unnerving.

But I have finally come to the conclusion that you can not help people who do not wish to help themselves.

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Where happiness resides!

Hello Everyone and welcome back to the blog,

In recent times I have been asking myself one defining question. And that question is :  ” What If?”

What if everything we have been conditioned to see as success, is in fact the very things that keeps success out of our reach?

What if success actually lies in ” not buying” into the established paradigms of success?

What if ” the dream” we have been sold is actually ” the nightmare” from which we need to wake up?

What if  “happiness and success” have been set up in our world to be” impossibly out of alignment with each other”?

The never ending quest that manifests as never ending uncertainty, doubt and self sabotage!

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How you can change the world.

Hello again and welcome to the blog,

This month’s blog is really short and sweet.

And it is really just the posing of this one question:

Instead of asking what the world can do for you –  ask yourself what you can do for the world.

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Instead of hate….. just meditate! May your actions speak louder than your t-shirt !

Hi everyone and welcome back again,

I recently had the pleasure of spending a few weeks in Sedona, Arizona , USA which has become one of my favourite places for soul searching, evolving and just being.

On previous occasions I have only experienced ” Peace, Love, Tranquility and all things seemingly Sedona”  - but on this recent trip I seemed to be confronted by the underbelly of the place and who it attracts there and what I saw was a real lesson indeed.

People behaving in ways that did not at all match the philosophy they were displaying outwardly in their business endeavours, holiday activities, spiritual seeking or private lives.

It was actually quite confronting at times, as I wondered if I was attracting all these bizarre situations and people to me for a reason…..

It was relentless….

And then I got the reason! Read More

The Power of a deeply felt apology!

Hello everyone and welcome back,

It has been a while!

So I trust you have all had a fantastic Xmas and New Year!

Over the past few months I have witnessed within my own life the incredible power of being able to apologise.

Whether it be to a family member, a friend or a complete stranger – the simple act of saying ” I am so sorry about that” can mean the world.

But more surprisingly it is not the recipient of the apology who may feel the best by this, but rather it is in fact the person who gives the apology who may feel the most relief .

It really is a gift to oneself. The person making the aforementioned apology.

Take this instance I experienced recently when checking into a hotel. Read More

5 easy steps to Create a Xmas you will love!

Well hello to everyone,

This year I have decided to repeat/renew/re-hash a blog that I originally published two years ago at the same time.

It seems as relevant to many people now, as it was back then and quite simply I thought it could do with a re-hash.

With so many people struggling to find a Xmas Experience they enjoy, I recently had a conversation with a close friend that inspired me to ” redo” this post so to speak.

My friend really dislikes Xmas, and each year it is an event that she loathes and dreads. When she shared this with me I responded: ” Well – why don’t you change your Xmas Experience to one you love and look forward to each year?”

She seemed genuinely surprised by my suggestion at first.

But then a few moments later she said – ” You know what – you are right – it is up to me to create a Xmas I love and enjoy and look forward to. I am going to give it some thought”.

So I began thinking about how to achieve that exact thing….

How can you create a Xmas you love and look forward to each year?

Well – here are a few tips: Read More