Waging a war on yourself! The most fruitless battle of all!


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Be your own Super Hero and make decisions that count!


Hi Everyone and welcome to October’s Blog, Lately I have really been marvelling at the most incredible ability that we all have within us. An ability that is innate and simple and with us each and every day…. Read More

Blissing out at The Billabong – a restorative gift to you!

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The outsourcing of our humanity! An exploration of us!


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Let It Go! Let It Go! And Feel the Joy Flow!


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Where happiness resides!


Hello Everyone and welcome back to the blog, In recent times I have been asking myself one defining question. And that question is :  ” What If?” What if everything we have been conditioned to see as success,… Read More

How you can change the world.


Hello again and welcome to the blog, This month’s blog is really short and sweet. And it is really just the posing of this one question: Instead of asking what the world can do for you –  ask… Read More

Instead of hate….. just meditate! May your actions speak louder than your t-shirt !


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The Power of a deeply felt apology!


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5 easy steps to Create a Xmas you will love!

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