Christine’s Journey

Christine Denny is an educator, writer, columnist, tap dancer, teacher, examiner, philosopher,  drummer,  adjudicator, spiritual seeker, business woman, entrepreneur, journalist, traveller, mentor and lover of life.

For the past 30 years, Christine has been a respected educator, and this has seen her work in a number of fields including tap dance for all ages 5 yrs through to professional, teaching dance for people with Parkinsons, presenting seminars for those working with the disabled on “bringing the arts to the disabled”, running rhythmic workshops as a team building exercise and as a way of building self esteem, self empowerment and joy in a variety of settings including primary schools, high schools,  corporate events and public outdoor community events, adjudicating festivals and writing regular advice columns for various magazines and online publications.

As a tap dance specialist and entrepreneur, she devised and launched her own tap dance syllabus Tapatak Oz in 2008, which is now in use all over Australia with examinations and Teacher Accreditation conducted annually. This unique programme incorporates a very holistic approach and as such has seen her mentoring both students and teachers and assisting them build a positive attitude to life through their tapping experience. In 2014 the syllabus was also endorsed by the WA School Curriculum Authority, which is a huge testament to its content, quality and delivery.

It was through her work as a tap teacher, trainer, adjudicator and workshop facilitator that Christine discovered a passion for mentorship and realized that she had much to offer outside the world of tap dancing. She simply yearned to help people feel good about who they are and to find their true place in the world. In fact, it was her desire to uncover and develop her own passions – to find her own truth –  that led her on a mission of self discovery and self empowerment.

It was this journey into success psychology, human behavioural traits, holistic practices, various healing modalities, meditation techniques and the power of mindset and beliefs, that changed the course of her own life forever.

Having suffered from depression and some very limiting beliefs as a young 20 something, it was this path of self reflection and self discovery that really turned Christine’s life around and got her moving in the right direction, to bring her dreams to life.

Christine discovered on her journey, that we all have certain “dialogues that are running in our subconscious” that can either propel us forward or hold us back, depending on how aware we are of these underlying programmes and how we react to them.

The discovery of her own subconscious programming was what led to a change of attitude, a belief in her own abilities and the successful writing of and launch of her first business venture Tapatak Oz.

Christine says:

“ Society tends to pigeon hole people into certain roles. Certain expectations from our family, the media and society in general, can end up dictating our life experience. Just because you are successful at something or just because others see you in a certain role, it is not necessarily the totality of who you are. It is OK to develop all sides of who you are. It is OK to live your truth – to be your truth. And that is what I want to do for people through A Bridge to You! Bring you to your own personal truth, where you know who you are and love that person 100%. My mission is to bring peace and harmony to the world one person at a time, by giving you the gift of self belief, self love and self appreciation. It’s that simple.

For years I have been teaching people how to dance on the outside – so now it is time to get you dancing on the inside too”

 - Christine  -