Waging a war on yourself! The most fruitless battle of all!

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Hi Everyone and welcome back to the blog,

If there is one thing I have come to realise over the past few years , it is how much time I have wasted ” waging a series of internal wars with myself”!

Why it has taken me so much time to reach this conclusion is an absolute mystery and most likely, just representative of the usual awakening we all experience through the passage of time. But nonetheless, it is slightly disquieting to realise the wastage that occurs within this war!

The wastage that occurs in all wars I guess.

But the ” internal war” seems to me to be the most outrageous.

The most fruitless.

The most futile.

The most inane.

As it is a war often waged for no real reason  - and it is self directed, self funded and  self orchestrated!

It sounds even more ridiculous the more I write!

And ridiculous it is, as this ” War Within”  seems to accomplish nothing more than see us miss out on doing, being  and experiencing things that we would most likely LOVE if we gave it a chance.

For instance:

I have missed out on going abseiling because I thought my bottom would look too big coming down the side of the cliff!  [ what the? yes - it is true]

I have missed out on attending a party because I thought my invitation was not genuine – I mean who would invite me to a party  [ what the? yes - it is true]

I have missed out on certain work opportunities because I thought I was not good enough and was too scared to try!  [ what the? yes - it is true]

I have missed out on attending some cool workshops as a students, because I thought people would laugh at my expertise level or lack thereof  [ what the? yes - it is true]

I have missed out on going to the beach because I thought I was too fat to be seen on a beach in a swimsuit!  [ what the? yes - it is true]

As I read through the above examples I feel so silly – but at the same time  - I have to forgive myself, knowing that at the time I was doing the best I could. And I certainly do not think there is any point in ” crying over spilled milk” now, so to speak.

And nor should you.

But – we can all acknowledge together – that waging these internal battles is a huge waste of time and opportunities!

So – take one battle at a time and recall your generals!

They have better things to do!

Let the War on Ridiculous finally come to an end!

You are fine.

You are doing the best you can!

And that is enough!

So -

You are not the prettiest.

You are not the most handsome.

You are not the cleverest.

You are not the best at whatever it is you want to do.

You are not the wealthiest.

You are not the cleverest.

Who cares?

Is that going to stop you from doing things you would like to experience?

I certainly hope not.

Because I am going to try and make sure that from now on:

” not being the best”

” not being the most fabulous person in the room”

” not being the most experienced, or clever or whatever”

These things will no longer send my generals into battle.

I am hereby retiring them!


Because I have better things to do than fight wars that did not need to be waged at all in the first place.

And I invite you to do the same.


Because you have better things to do to!

Like loving you.

Like loving life.

Like getting out there and living  a life you love – for no other reason than you deserve it!

So today I invite you to raise the white flag to yourself!

Because the war within – is the most fruitless of all and you have no doubt spent enough time on it!

#DiscoverYou #LoveYou #BeYou


And remember – we are all just doing the best we can

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