Be your own Super Hero and make decisions that count!

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Hi Everyone and welcome to October’s Blog,

Lately I have really been marvelling at the most incredible ability that we all have within us.

An ability that is innate and simple and with us each and every day.

And most importantly I wonder if we all go through life not quite aware of this:

Our Greatest Super Power Ever!

Your Greatest Super Power Ever!

And I wonder if our ignorance –  or non-acknowledgement –  of this Super Power is what leads us, quite unnecessarily to a life of frustration?

Frustration that we can not make a difference to the Planet!

Frustration that we are not important!

Frustration that nothing we do really matters!

Frustration that we are not seen or heard!

Frustration that we could do more!

But what if all these frustrations are totally misleading!

What if we all have more power than we could ever imagine?

Because you know what ? -

We do have more power than you could ever imagine!

You do have more power than you could ever imagine!

And that Amazing Super Power is the ability to change someone’e life!

That is right!

You Have The Ability To Change Someone’s Life – Each and Every Day!

In every day, the possibility exists to choose to do something, or take some course of action, to change someone’s life that day. It may seem like a tiny thing – but the truth is, that it is often these little things that make a huge difference.

It’s the small acts of reaching out to another human being that can make all the difference to their life.

And as most of you will have experienced  - it is often a tiny act of kindness that can turn your day around too!

I know I have written about this before – but as the world seems to descend into a crisis of fear and hopelessness, I feel it is so important to remind everyone that hope lives within us!

We are the hope we are searching for.

We are the way forward and the way out.

We are the way to a better future.

You are the way to a better future.

So – stop waiting for someone else with amazing Super Powers to swoop in and save the day, because we all have the most Powerful of All Super Powers right here within our souls.

And we can exercise that little Super Power each and every day, by choosing to add kindness and love and joy and laughter, to our little corners of the planet.

It really is that simple!

So at times when things seem out of control – remember that you can exercise control in your own life each and every day by choosing:

that LOVE!




that SUPER POWER that is yours to exercise whenever you choose!

And that my friends is my message for today!

You were born with the ability to change someone’s life

So- don’t waste it!

And with that little message sent out into the Universe I wish you a fabulous day!

#DiscoverYou #LoveYou #BeYou


And remember – we are all just doing the best we can!

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